Solar Wr¡the

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Words, Sounds, Images and Videos By GIOVANNA OLMOS

April 23, 2014 at 1:48pm
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i’d like to go to the met with you

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you give me that sweeeet time and      those  open  arms

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did you know i’ve always liked you

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carried away until i eat the truth
and then you make me throw itup
and i do, because  i love you

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carried away until i eat the truth

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now it’s thick dried bark
not the noticably fuckable pussy
like invisible chalk
for the  onlooking lake

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my name is google

my name is GIOV

my name is Giovanna

my name is Gio

my name is 

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    asked him a question
               no personal investment ~ just a social experimentation
               we live at the experimentation____  just a taste
be good to me

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     and it was still
            que tal princesa?
            and it was still
            where is home for you?
            still yet  again

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even the sky is hand painted

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can you see me?
through the chat frame?
the box that i can’t enter if i could i would invite you
let’s explore these four walls
or do you know what? fuck 
those walls, take mine
i’m breathing you in breathing you in
hoping you’ll see yourself in me and catch my eyes in yours
you’re somewhere else
i can’t know where you are exactly
but somehoowwwwwwww
i grip
i cling if i was more i’d rip these keys out and throw them into the sky
i already lapped around the dorm
jumped swung my arms thinking maybe i could get out of myself
maybe i wouldn’t become an erupting lillypad milkshake 
pero, respondame    porfavooorrr                  
                                                           no ves que tenemos sed?_! aqui est—amos pidiendo alrededor de las esquinas … contando las crumbles y todo   eso

April 22, 2014 at 7:36pm
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The Internet Men

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stopp snopp stopp snopp stopp snopp stopp snopp